The Quiz Zone

The Quiz Zone is not just another trivia game to be played in social situations. It is designed to be innovative, without being something far away from the real trivia roots.

How can this be possible? These are the core features that will be available at launch:

Play on any device

A party host runs the game, and anyone can join in using their smartphones (or any other device with a browser and internet connection) to answer questions. No need to rent anything to host a party!

Be the host!

The use of The Quiz Zone is open to all. No need to ask us for any permission, just download it and be the host for anything you want! Since The Quiz Zone has not publicly launched yet, you may get in touch with us to be an early adopter and join our beta program. Click here to find out more!

Multiple game modes

A trivia night should be based on questions. But simply asking questions can get boring, on the long run. This is why we offer multiple game modes to make your parties more exciting! At launch, the following game modes will be available: Classic, Elimination, Survival, and Speedy Gonzales.

Create your own game modes

We are sure that our four game modes are going to be very fun, but that’s four modes. How about allowing for infinite different game modes by allowing you to define your own custom game modes? The Quiz Zone allows you to do just that! Simply take our own game modes and mix them together using our custom game mode creator. What about starting with a Classic game, and then switching to a Survival one? You can do that, you choose how. The Quiz Zone is all about being customizable to let everyone have a great time!

Huge multi-language database

At the core of an enjoyable trivia night there are the questions that will be asked. The Quiz Zone comes with a huge database including over 10,000 questions in English language, and over 10,000 questions in Italian language. Each question has been carefully written and reviewed to ensure you have the best experience! Should you find any mistakes, a simple to use reporting system is also available.

Create your own questions

Using our database may be the most convenient option in most cases, but what about special parties where you’d like to ask questions about a friend of yours? Or a local festival, where you’d like to ask questions about your neighborhood’s history? You are free to create your own questions too, and you may mix them with questions from our own database if you wish.

Questions with multimedia

We don’t only support plain text questions: we support multimedia as well! Our database has lots of questions on images, covering all kinds of subjects: where is this picture from? Who is this actor? Which country does this flag represent? And that’s not it: you can also ask music questions! Select an mp3 or wave audio file on your computer and create a question about it!

Dynamic levels

Organizers can decide the difficulty of a party, leaving the choice of questions to The Quiz Zone. Each question has an associated difficulty level, but one of the hardest things in creating questions is to figure out how hard that question will really be for players. This is why The Quiz Zone supports dynamic difficulty levels: every time players answer a question, we update the statistics and figure out if it’s really as easy or hard as we thought it’d be. An algorithm then automatically updates the difficulty level of each question, so we can make sure that your party is really as easy or hard as you want it to be.

Organize tournaments

A great way for bars and pubs to keep people coming at their trivia nights is organizing trivia tournaments. The Quiz Zone manages tournaments as well, allowing custom definition of the tournament points awarded to teams based on their final position in a single party. Do you want to assign 100 points to the winner and 50 points to the runner-up of the party? You can! If you don’t care for this customization, you can always use our own default point system!

Share tournament management

Are you co-hosting a tournament with someone else? The Quiz Zone covers your case as well! You can share the management of a tournament with someone else and they will be able to organize a party and add it to your tournament, using the same score system and keeping party results up to date.

Smart party creation

Are you the party host? We know that, in most cases, you don’t want to be forced to spend a lot of time defining all the details of a party, but you still want to have a good questions selection. This is why we have developed the OptParty algorithm. OptParty takes your general instructions on the kind of questions you want to have in your party, and automatically creates a balanced list of questions that satisfies your requests. Creating a good quality party has never been so easy!

3D graphics

Many of the currently available quiz games have been developed a long time ago, and their graphics are showing the age. One of the advantages of developing a new game is that you can have more modern graphics, so The Quiz Zone comes with 3D graphics, developed using the famous Unity Engine.