Enter The Quiz Zone!

Can I host a party using The Quiz Zone?

Of course you can! We have all the interest in letting anyone use The Quiz Zone, for any use case. You don't have to rent anything, just install The Quiz Zone on your computer and host the party. Players can play using their own devices - typically smartphones - so the only other thing you will need is a screen - or a projector - connected to your computer. The game will be shown there, while you will manage the game on your computer's screen.

Where can I download The Quiz Zone from?

The Quiz Zone can be downloaded for free from this page for all logged in users. Please log in to view the download link.

How much does it cost?

The Quiz Zone 1.0 is completely free, both for playing a party and to organize one, as long as it is in a private context. All we ask you is for your feedback (clicking here) to constantly improve the game. If you wish, you may contribute with a free donation to our servers maintenance costs. A link for donations will soon be available. If you wish to organize a party with The Quiz Zone in public, please contact us via e-mail. Public use of The Quiz Zone without authorization is strictly forbidden.