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Can I host a party using The Quiz Zone?

Of course you can! We have all the interest in letting anyone use The Quiz Zone, for any use case. You don't have to rent anything, just install The Quiz Zone on your computer and host the party. Players can play using their own devices - typically smartphones - so the only other thing you will need is a screen - or a projector - connected to your computer. The game will be shown there, while you will manage the game on your computer's screen.

How much does it cost?

Support packageUnit price
1 day (12 pack) *29.00€
1 day (6 pack) *34.00€
1 day39.00€
1 week100.00€
2 weeks175.00€
1 month230.00€
1 month300.00€
6 months1600.00€
1 year2900.00€


You may download The Quiz Zone from the following links, as long as you agree with our Terms and Conditions: click here to view them.

Game manager version:


Game window version:


Windows - Download 32-bit version
Windows - Download 64-bit version

MacOS - Download Intel version (x64)
MacOS - Download Apple Silicon version (M1/M2)

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